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Project Overview

Native Green was looking for a partner to improve their online presence and help them attract new customers. They wanted a website that displayed the quality of their work and services in a clear and professional manner, while being easily navigable and informative for potential clients.

Our team worked closely with Native Green to understand their needs and requirements for the website. We designed and developed a custom, responsive website using WordPress and Elementor, with a strong focus on visual appeal and usability. The website includes clear navigation, informative sections and an attractive portfolio that highlights the company’s work.

Website Design and Development

Using WordPress and Elementor, we designed a responsive website that perfectly reflects Native Green’s vision and services. We chose a fresh and modern design, with large images and clear call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to contact the company. The website also includes informative sections on the various services offered by Native Green, as well as an extensive portfolio with images of completed projects.


An important aspect of this project was to create a user-friendly website that would be easily navigable for potential customers. We made sure that the website was clear and well structured, with a clear menu and easy navigation. We also implemented contact forms so visitors can easily ask questions or request a quote.


The result of our collaboration with Native Green is an attractive, functional and user-friendly website that has significantly improved the company’s online presence. Customers can now easily find information about the services offered and be inspired by the impressive portfolio. These improvements have led to an increase in the number of requests for quotes and an expansion of Native Green’s customer base.


Our collaboration with Native Green has resulted in a successful website development that is both attractive and user-friendly. Using WordPress and Elementor, we created a website that perfectly matched the needs of the company and their customers. The modern design, clear navigation and informative content have created an effective online presence that supports Native Green’s growth.

Since launching the website, Native Green has experienced increased visibility and an increase in requests for quotes. This has led to a larger customer base and more opportunities for the company to further expand their expertise in landscaping and fencing. With an attractive and user-friendly website, Native Green is now better positioned to market their services and achieve future growth.


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What is the difference between UI and UX design?

We are a team and work closely with our clients to create the best results for you users. You can expect daily contact where we work together to develop the best website and experience for you and your users.

How can UI/UX research help with customer retention?

The time required to develop a website varies depending on the project. On average, developing a website takes between 1-3 months. We usually start with UI/UX research and design, identifying the needs of your target audience and creating a design to match. We will then get to work developing the website and keep you informed of our progress.

What are some examples of UI/UX research methods?

We develop websites with a unique design and user-friendly functionalities. Whether you need a website for your business, a blog, or an online store, we can help you develop a website that fits your goals and needs. Our team of designers and developers is experienced in developing different types of websites, from simple informational websites to complex e-commerce solutions.

Why is UI/UX research important?

The development process begins with an introductory meeting where we discuss what your goals are and what you expect from the website. We analyze your current website if you have one, or we begin UI/UX research if you don’t have a website yet. We then develop a design that fits your needs and desires. Once the design is approved, we move on to website development. During the development process, we make sure to keep you informed of our progress and allow you to provide feedback.

What are the benefits of outsourcing UI/UX research?

The cost of having a website developed depends on several factors, including the complexity of the website, the features you need and the level of customization required. Before we give you a quote, we first discuss with you what you need and what your budget is. Based on this information, we can provide an accurate quote.

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